Civil Society Organizations Working Group

Today, individuals using modern communication tools effectively, and their demand to have a say regarding the decisions that are publicly concerned have augmented the democracy culture. The surveys indicate that non-governmental organizations will further enhance their presence both nationally and internationally. Expectation towards these organizations, increasing number of their members and financial power generates a greater pressure on executives. Non-governmental organizations established for serving the society in long term, although they may have different missions, are very close and open to this understanding thanks to their structures. 

As Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) with our faith in the necessity of change in question; we add a new one to our studies related to capital market, private companies, football industry and media organizations with "Governance Guide for Non-Governmental Organizations In The Light of Corporate Governance Principles" in 2014. You may reach the Guide here.
Civil Society Organizations Working Group continues its activities by focusing on foundations and associations that are in a civil society status in Turkey.


Responsible Board Members on behalf of TKYD Board: Orhan Turan
President of the Working Group: Yılmaz Argüden, PhD.

For further information please contact ( / 0212 347 62 00)