Family Businesses Working Group

Corporate governance principles and practices have a critical role in creating sustainable and competitive family businesses.
Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, thus, aims to;
•    Determine obstacles and key points in preventing and encouraging implementation via research reports
•    Supply practical instruments and guides for family businesses to carry out best practices
•    Transfer know-how to Anatolian cities with seminars and trainings 
•    Bring Turkish business sector the international expertise through partnerships with international institutions such as Center for International Private

Enterprise (CIPE), International Finance Corporation (IFC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Corporate Governance Seminars Project aims at promoting and supporting good governance among Turkish family businesses, which are the foundation of the Turkish economy. TKYD has organized seminars and workshops for family businesses since 2006. The Project has reached 1,800 main shareholders and senior executives in 28 cities of Turkey and includes seminars & workshops for family-owned businesses.


Responsible Board Members on behalf of TKYD Board of Directors:  Mustafa Doğrusoy, Mehmet Buldurgan
President of the Board of Directors Working Group: Aslı Erdoğan

For further information please contact with (, 0212 347 62 00)